Acquiring artwork and antiques frequently poses more questions than answers, particularly in terms of authentication, quality and value. Giles’s mature, direct and insightful approach helps clients see clearly through the art and antiques market’s opaque screen.


With 30 years experience collating international collections, Giles can assist in the pursuit of pieces for clients wishing to purchase art, using his extensive insiders knowledge of the art market.


Through private treaty, auction or trade these negotiations can be frustrating and time consuming. Good strategy and tactics provide the best results.


Up to date valuations for sale, probate and insurance are available on both individual items and whole collections.


The placement of artworks and furniture in the home is vital to both its visual impact and equally importantly to preserving its condition. Careful consideration is required to achieve the best results.

Collection Management

We undertake the management and advice on the restoration, conservation, photography and cataloguing of furniture and artworks ensuring they are correctly handled at a time when value can be compromised.


Giles has lectured on the art market in the UK, China, Europe and the USA. From post graduate courses to after dinner speaking his knowledge is both insightful and entertaining.